Flick Fridays: “Restoring” Backwoods Walls

By - Friday, February 13th, 2015

Flick Fridays is a segment that will highlight a breed of photography exploring and seeking out graffiti prone areas. Each week a collection of original photographs, often of freight yards, tracks, abandoned buildings, city streets, and graffiti spots will be selected for Flick Fridays. The idea behind these posts is to go beyond just the graffiti and highlight the beauty of the surrounding environments as well. 

This Week’s Flicks: It was a warm fall afternoon in Rhode Island when my friend and I hopped on our bikes and rode towards where we thought this spot was going to be. As the leaves had begun to fall off the trees, the spot was more visible than we assumed it would be. We pulled our bikes into a nearby parking lot, and gathered our cameras and gear together. The lot was surrounded by a tall fence, so we thought for a second we’d have to do some climbing, but after walking down a little ways we notice a gate that was slightly ajar. We squeezed through the gate and into the woods. 

After heading in the general direction of where we thought the spot was, and climbing over downed trees, streams, and through thorns, we eventually spotted the bright color of spray paint through the trees. The first graffiti we saw was a simple piece by Soer, next to it was a couple throwies, and then a nice purple piece done by Krome. As the wall extended further it was covered with vines and shrubs so we decided to see what was on the backside of the wall, and we were in for a treat. 

The backside of the wall was essentially a field of weeds, thorns, and pesky fucking ticks. Wading through all that was really no fun, but it was worth it. What we first saw was a simple piece by Mugs, as we further traveled down the wall we saw a collabo between Restore (RSO) and Gwiz. The next Maybe 6 or so pieces were all done by Restore; intricate, colorful, and dope. Restore had crushed this place, made it his/her own backwoods playground. Towards the end of the wall, was a great Gyer piece using tons of different colors, and with a nice character along side it. 

Although this backside of the wall was the most impressive due to Restore’s work, we knew there had to be more in the front of the wall, cause thats what could be seen from afar. So we came back around the wall, and pushed our way through more thorns to find a taller portion of wall that had a Sayo and Blow roller piece, as well as another fat Soer and a floating Sayo. 

After making out of the woods, I probably pulled 4 or 5 ticks off me and my legs and arms were scrapped from the thorns. But it was all worth it just to get a glimpse of the work done on these random backwoods walls…especially the work of Restore.

Photos: theoriginalgoober (ES)

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