Flint for 12ozProphet: "Minds Were Made To Be Blown"

By - Thursday, November 15th, 2012

{image-1} Flint was widely known for the sayings that followed his tags. Slogans like “For Those Who Dare,” “Bad But Not Evil,” and “For Ladies Only” are still remembered today and associated with the graffiti writer from the 70s. This self portrait shows Flint seated casually on the train in front of a freshly tagged inside panel. Flint recalls… “I never really took too many photos of myself or my sayings, but I had a little book of them that I carried all over. When I was in London with Blade, Tracy 168, and Cope, we had a show there and about 150 books to sign. Each book I wrote Flint and a different saying and Blade was like that’s unbelievable! “Just recently I started another book with some more. But I still have the originals in storage somewhere, but I’d have to dig them out. But that’s what I did, I wanted to make each one a different experience. And each one would be a different Flint, no two a like.” The Flint for 12ozProphet capsule collection launches TODAY, November 15th, at Noon EST. Only available on the 12ozProphet Online Shop.

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