Flint for 12ozProphet: LSD Om – The Rebel

By - Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

{image-1} As we prepare to roll out the Flint for 12ozProphet collaboration we take a look at the classic photographs from the 70s that inspired the capsule collection. This picture depicts the legendary graffiti writer LSD Om perched on a cop car and flipping the bird. Together Flint and LSD Om co-founded one of the first graffiti crews, The Rebels. Here’s what Flint recalled about the photograph… “The photo with Chad on the police car, just something else to show who we are during the 70s. You know he’s giving the middle finger. Chad was something special. He got his name LSD from the ‘L’ being from Dead Leg, the ‘S’ was Stay High and the ‘D’ was from Dead Leg as well. Stay High was one of the most dedicated writers ever, so he was a huge influence. “Chad was unique. More of a hippie mentality. A lot of his stuff looked like underground comics. He was like an encyclopedia of graff. The opposite of me kind of. The reason I took photos was so I could remember everything. I think thats why we were so good together. We created our own group called The Rebels. We wanted to be something like the Ex-Vandals. He was into it a lot more that I was, everyone looked up to him. I used to go over to his house and Zephyr would be there reading a comic book on the couch. Back then it was crazy, I knew Chad, I didn’t know Zephyr and now look where he is. You know our crew was something special. There’s hundreds of crews, especially young ones, but back then that was who we were. We were young, and when your young you want to play with your friends. And well, that’s how we played.”

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