Flint for 12ozProphet T-Shirt Collection

By - Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

The attitude of rebellious youth culture is timelessly captured in these t-shirts that make up the Flint for 12ozProphet collection. From bombing train insides to casually proclaiming fuck the police, some things never change. The Flint for 12ozProphet collaboration includes four t-shirts. Three of the tees are meticulous greyscale reproductions of classic photos from Flint’s archive taken in the 1970s printed as 10-color screenprinted t-shirts. The fourth shirt features 12ozProphet’s signature stack logo design flipped in monochrome. Shop the Flint for 12ozProphet collection now exclusively on our online shop. About Flint: “Minds Were Made To Be Blown…” One of countless quotes Flint was recognized for writing at the dawn of the Graffiti movement. Flint brought both a marker and camera with him everywhere he went allowing him a unique perspective in his documentation of New York City in the 1970s. Associated with other legendary graffiti writers like Tracy 168 and LSD Om, Flint was photographing graffiti a full decade before Subway Art. Digging through Flint’s photo archives we came across gems that transcended the niche of graffiti culture to capture a broader story of rebellious youth during a volatile era. Read more in our 12ozProphet Exclusive Interview with Flint… For Those Who Dare. Click here to shop the Flint for 12ozProphet collection now.

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