Flint for 12ozProphet: Flip One – The Vandal

By - Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

{image-1} As we continue to countdown to the release of the Flint for 12ozProphet collaboration, here’s a look at another one of the photos from the 70s that inspired the collection. This photo, taken around 1973, was over a decade before the book Subway Art and gives a very rare look at graffiti writers in action in the early years of the movement. Here is some insight from Flint… “So with this photo, it’s with Flip, and we must have rode the trains all the way out to Coney where we had some time. And it just shows what a graffiti artist does behind closed doors, when no one knows and see whats going on. Coney was a big stop for us, for all the writers. I used to go there all the time. We used to do things that the average person riding the train wouldn’t understand. Climb all over the inside and be writing on the ceilings and stuff. “I still remember those days. And you know even today, that’s what people do, just on a larger scale. They what to tag and get outrageous on things. Now it’s all about high visibility, that’s what’s very important. You come down from a roof and you tag or whatever the case might be. Back then we used to keep it more simple but now it’s wild to see where it’s evolved to. Going up to the Brooklyn Bridge and tagging whatever. It’s pretty amazing to see where it’s all evolved. But it all started with a marker, just a tag.”

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