Handselcta's Flip The Script Book Release

By - Monday, April 8th, 2013

Thursday night’s release party for Handselecta’s book Flip The Script saw Reed Space packed to the gills on a crispy, cold New York night. Upon entry, one was immersed in a dense human jungle producing most of it’s steam from the sweating out of the contents of the ubiquitous 40’s of malt liquor that found their way inside the venue. Copies of Flip The Script were floating around gathering additional tags as were blackbooks and stickers. Surprise, surprise, dudes even started tagging the table towards the end of the night. Someone always will. Graffiti originator Cornbread could be seen selling his T-shirts outside of Reed Space while the smell of marijuana wafted in the breeze. The entire event felt like a tribute to the Tag, as it should have. From the book itself, to the writers in attendance, to the art covering the walls, the evening was an homage the handstyle. Find more about Flip The Script and Handselecta on his blog here on 12ozProphet. Handselecta’s Flip the Script (Gingko Press) is a 10 year project about graffiti styles in America. Help him take it back to the 8 originator cities! Donations will be used to book and fund travel of the author, Christian Acker to the cities showcased in the book, to create educational lectures and workshops with artists and students of all ages of typography, calligraphy and graffiti, elevating the art and culture for the next century. Check out the Kickstarter page for some great donation-rewards by some great artists connected to the project.

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