Food For Thought: Terror161 on Thanksgiving

By - Sunday, November 27th, 2011

“While there’s no question the premise of Thanksgiving is shaky when its origin is considered, there’s no doubt many of us have much to be thankful for. I am blessed with an amazing family , great friends and projects both realized and envisioned. I have loved graff since witnessing my first Taki 183 tags and hate the incongruity that exists in this culture. Street Artists command six and seven figure sums for their work, while the cornerstones of the writing culture struggle to get by. Both Ket and Faust have already brought attention to the plight of pioneer/innovator Riff 170 who is currently homeless. While his spirits are high and he’s looking good, the cold weather is upon us. One thing I miss about the 70’s is the elegant tag styles that lined the insides of the subway system. While the artistic bar rises higher and higher by the year, the art of tagging seems to be a forgotten element. This drawing , although recently executed , calls forth the primal element of writing—the tag. It’s the foundation on which the house of style was built .If you love writing and this culture then help a man out who gave it to you. If you don’t know who Riff 170 is , then do some homework. Hint: He’s the cat who invented something you use in your piece today before you were even born.” -Terror161 Note: Check out the Graffiti 365 Book Signing event in Miami featuring and impressive line-up of graffiti writers of past and present on December 2nd 6-8pm at the Wynwood Walls.

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