Forum Shot of the Day : Oter & friends

By - Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Hey y’all it’s time for another Forum Shot of the Day. Today’s 15 minutes of fame are coming out from our frosty brothers in the mid-west, specifically Minneapolis, Minnesota. Featuring Oter UC (United Crushers) and other fellows such as Ergot and Earth. Looks like they had to go underground for this one. We all know that the winter gets bat shit crazy in the mid-west so if you wanna paint, but don’t wanna freeze your ass off, you go underground, where you’ve got the time and space to do something elaborate.

The poster of the shot would be chronbombs, photo creds to 12ozprophet’s very own contributor Lost and Found. Who captures a well executed Oter with some very straight lines in the 3-D shadow, there’s Earth looking all organic with these water effects in the background. And you can’t forget about Ergot using different shades of purple and 3 different line colors. Very good stuff guys.

For more graffiti coming out from the land of vikings, check out the minneapolis thread up in our brick slayers forum, you’ll surely see some familiar names. If you would like your shots featured on our Forum Shot of the Day posts just upload your best shots on our forums or on instagram with the hashtag #12OzProphet.

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