Found Footage: 1997 Brazil Graffiti with Os Gemeos, Raven, and Sonik

By - Saturday, February 25th, 2012

12ozProphet founder Allen Benedikt and Caleb Neelon, aka Raven and Sonik went to São Paulo, Brazil in December of 1997 to put together a story on Brazilian graffiti for 12ozProphet’s sixth issue. “Twist had connected us with Os Gemeos, and we went there to introduce them to the world via our magazine. The sight of São Paulo and the otherworldly graffiti scene exploding over its gut-wrenching social landscape, the peculiarly Brazilian collision of poverty and wealth, was a complete shock. Meeting Os Gemeos – as well as Nina, Vitche, and Herbert Baglione, gave us friends for life, and the sight of their work was a glimpse into the future of an art movement we thought we knew, but even now, more than a dozen years later, has yet to catch up. Here’s a short video edited from footage thought to have been lost for well over a decade.” -Allen Benedikt This classic issue of 12ozProphet magazine from 1998 was the first time Os Gemeos’ work had ever been published, and exposed to an audience outside of Brazil. Since then the twins from Sao Paulo have continuously grown to receive world-wide recognition in the graffiti and fine art worlds. 12ozProphet was with Os Gemeos for the past month in Los Angeles as they prepared for their solo exhibition at Prism Gallery. Stay tuned to 12ozProphet for full coverage of the exhibition, opening tonight, and tons of behind the scenes action.

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