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By - Friday, August 21st, 2015

Welcome back to “Found on the Rails”! If you’ve been following these posts you’ll notice we highlight benchers from all over the U.S. We’ve been to the midwest and to the left coast.

Today we’re heading down south to check out @Trainsgram. He definitely knows what to look for! After going thru his ig feed, we had to find out more!

For only being 15, how do you know who’s who? Do you bench with someone?

“Well I am pretty much self taught, always been a lone wolf I guess. IG has taught me a lot. I would see stuff that other people had posted and sorta pick up on that persons style and be able to recognize their work, and the more time you spend around graff the better you get at reading it. When it comes to older stuff, I have to give credit to the book “Freight Train Graffiti” by Roger Gastman. Looking through it and just reading and staring at the pictures every night kinda helped me identify some people. When I first started benching I really had no idea who the new people were. I was always looking for a Pre, Nace or King157, because I thought damn, if they’re in a book they must be pretty darn important.”

How long have you been benching?

“I’ve been a train watcher my whole life, and I’ve also had an appreciation for the art on the trains. Back in 2010, I started making youtube videos of railfanning, and so when the train would go by I would try to add in the sickest graff I could find on the train. I kept making videos and eventually I started flicking the graff, and then it really just became an obsession. I’d say I’ve been really committed for 3 years.”

What’s your fav car that you’ve caught?

My favorite car has to be this 86′ GT auto parts box car with a Nace piece. I’ve never seen any other flics of the piece. Ive searched and searched but have never found another pic. I’m sure someone has one but I’ve just never seen one. Personally I feel that benching a Nace beats anything on the rails today, the fact that I’ve never meet this guy before, I’ve never heard this guy speak, but 14 years later here is something he has left behind, and no one but him can or has done anything like it.”

Well there you have it! Spoken like one of the best! We would like say thanks to @Trainsgram for taking the time to talk with us at 12ozprophet about his time spent on the rails!!

Until next time, we’ll see you trackside!

Text by attng3tr
Photos by Trainsgram

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