‘Frankie Purple’ — A show by Krek FMS at Entrepreneurs store Upstairs Gallery

By - Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

“The only reason I began to create any type of artwork was because it felt like the closest thing to freedom.”

The true potential of a graffiti artist’s vision is allowed to come to the surface through anonymity. Through pseudonyms and personal styles, unique visions of the world are provided access to the public – the freedom of subverting legal boundaries opens up the creative act in a manner most will never know. Krek is an artist who has made true use of this anonymity – creating from alter-ego to alter-ego, with work so complete in its aesthetic value that a whole universe appears within it.

Open from the May 1 — June 3 at the Upstairs Gallery at the Entrepreneurs shop in stoke-on-Trent, UK – Krek hosts an exhibition, showcasing work, in part surrounding the character of ‘Frankie Purple’ – a used car salesman and gambler. From installation, painting and to beautiful handstyles that decorates every window of the store, the show exhibits a creative outlet that is unmarred by limits. 


After years of covering the UK and abroad in what has become one of the most recognizable styles in the game, Krek developed a distinct artistic practice outside of graffiti which has brought him equal amounts of acclaim within the art world. With clear influences from ’60s psychedelia, comic books, music and fine art, Krek creates paintings and installations derived from distinct narratives of his many alter-egos. 




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