FREE MFONE – HERT Shares Photos and Memories of His Friend Facing Hard Time

By - Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

HERT reached out to 12ozProphet with these photos of his friend MFONE and the following statement: Danny “MF ONE” Montano is a good friend of mine. When I first moved to Pittsburgh he was cased up, working on some studio art, and taking it easy on the streets. At this point he’d already crushed his hometown several times over with multiple names and all with a style that is uniquely his. As a young writer, he had already achieved local legend status. Even with his name in the papers and a ridiculous number of charges pending, it didn’t take much convincing to get Danny out for a little street action. He approached the streets like a pro. There was little hesitation in his movements and he was hyper aware; a well oiled street graffiti machine. I remember standing outside of a brand new storefront for a large cell-phone service provider, recently set up in the heart of the cultural strip district in Pittsburgh. This store stood out in the way that new bank branches and drugstores stand out on any avenue in a rust belt city… Aesthetically disruptive, this store was a visual void on the block. We were just mobbing, copping tags– whatever. We paused and posted up in front of this store. Then and now, It frustrates me that the presence of places like this are becoming more common, signifying a loss of character and substance in the city. Danny turned to me and asked “You think I should paint on this?” and of course I did hah. We destroyed the front of the store, this clean, glossy, artificial offense against the community– covered it with kilz. It probably didn’t affect anyone or anything much, but it satisfied me for a bit and I remember Danny cracking up, laughing like a madman while we were doing the thing. They pulled Danny out of a gallery installation he was working on and put him in county jail with a bail nobody could front, so he sat in there for a year waiting. I remember when his sentencing came up I was so positive he’d get that time served and would be released. I figured I’d be seeing him out again, so when they handed him 2 1/5 to 5 years state time plus $270K in restitution I really couldn’t believe it. People have gotten shorter sentences for real crimes. All I could do was write to him, and I did. Through our correspondence I became closer to Danny than I was prior to his incarceration. His letters were filled with power and style, pride and passion. Ever since then Danny’s life hasn’t been easy. He’s been in jail, prison, half-way houses, parole offices and so on. I don’t think his “crimes” fit the punishment the state inflicted upon him. He is back in the Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh right now, after another arrest at the beginning of this month. He was on parole when he was arrested, and the charges that were brought against him carry heavy sentencing guidelines. I’ll include some photos here and some information Danny’s father has made public. If you’d like to show support, write Danny a letter… I know he’d appreciate it. — HERT Daniel J. Montano DOC # 128581 Allegheny County Jail 950 Second Ave. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219 Please write to him, you can only send letters, with max of 3 pictures, a money order for his commissary would also help. He would love to hear from you, for support. Thanks! (Danny’s Dad) “To put it as succinctly as I can, I know now that when a man has something powerful, that absorbs all his attention, is had the effect of removing him from the world; and anything that happens to him seems to happen in a thick fog and slip past him, leaving him with the only thing that matters” — from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “A Raw Youth”

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