Free: Montana Colors 2012 Calendar

By - Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Montana Colors designed a calendar for 2012 using some of their favorite photos posted on their MTN-World blog over the past year. The best part is that this calendar is available no to download for free. Head to their blog on 12ozProphet for a link to download the PDF and scroll down to read their description and check out four of our favorite spreads.
One year, twelve months, 365 days. Forms and colors intermix in the heads of thousands of writers and artists throughout the world. From the mind to paper, and from paper to the wall. It’s as simple, and complicated, as that. Murals of all shapes and sizes, never big enough to capture so much imagination, never big enough for the text representations of our voices, your voices, on the street. Metropolises, cities, towns, islands, nature, factories, sewers, the underground, big streets… Graffiti writers, graffiti artists, illustrators, painters, all squaring up to face the canvas, or a freshly painted wall, or metal, or wood, or the dirty and gray concrete… or alongside their crew, their collective, their team, all working towards a common objective; for the glory, and for the satisfaction of sitting back and contemplating a job well done. These are all moments. And what we have to show you is 12 of these moments from MTN-WORLD from 2011. We want to share them with you, and store them in this document, while we await a new year, charged with new sensations.

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