Freight Friday: Duble and Kovet RTD and Their End to Ends

By - Friday, September 11th, 2015

There’s a large amount of freight writers in the scene, but none quite as unique as the duo reppin’ the RTD’s, Duble and Kovet. These guys have been hitting mad freights since 2008. What makes them standout are their cartoon productions along side burners while incorporating their crew acronym. Most of their inspiration is pulled from classic comic books, old animation, shows they grew up with or custom toons they think of themselves as. It’s definitely a team effort, coming up with ideas and bouncing them off one another. Then once they have agreed on a concept then the homework begins, “sketch time is crucial to ensure the quality of work while in the yard. Your eyes have to adjust to the lighting while being in the dark staring at a sheet of paper” says Duble RTD.

When it’s time to throw down, they have a system that works extremely well. Duble will work on the characters while Kovet works on the fill and background. In most graff situations timing is everything. So being organized like that helps to keep things running smoothly.

Every writer has a favorite piece or production. Which is your favorite?

Kovet – “Mine was the Ghostrider production” 

Duble – “I’m partial to the Juggernaut and Rhino car or Mr.Freeze; which to this day hasn’t been benched.”

Doing graff has its ups and downs along with unexpected challenges. But without them how would they get that adreneline rush to keep pushing forward? what has been your most challenging situation?

Kovet – “The Magneto production was the most challenging. The ladder kept falling over with Duble on it. It started raining halfway through so we had to comeback to finish it the next day. Nothing crazy just a challenge.”

Duble – “I agree with Kovet, that Magneto was one of the most challenging. It took two sessions and the shit was big and the fact that it was also a custom drawing of Magneto made it a bit more difficult.”

So you guys have been painting yards for a long time, do you have any advice to new writers looking to paint freights?

Kovet – “To respect what has come before you and to leave the yard how you found it.” 

Duble – “To realize there were mad heads there before you and will be long after you’re gone. Don’t go over old heads, let history ride and know your place.”

Going out on frequent night missions you guys must have some crazy track stories. Any you would like to share?

Kovet – “Well a couple of crewmates and I were painting a yard out of town. Shewp and I just finished our pieces and we look up and there’s a light coming over the freight. It looked like a helicopter off in the distance, so we just usually stash out for a while when that happens. But after a couple of seconds, we noticed it was a drone flying in circles above us. We packed up our paint as quick as we could and took off down the tracks to get Doher and Stue and get out of the yard. I was blown away seeing a drone patrolling the yard!

Duble – “This one time we were painting in the yard, they recently had a fire in this recycling plant nearby. So the ground was basically paper mache. The homie threw a cig and didn’t think twice, next thing you know we are all like that’s strange? That looks like embers…oh shit! The ground was on fire the entire length of his piece. We scrambled to find water to put it out but ended up leaving without fully putting it out. :/ The yard is still intact tho…lol”

That about wraps it up with Duble and Kovet. Maybe you learned something or were entertained by their work like we are here at 12ozProphet. We can’t wait to catch more of your work on the tracks!!
Thank you both so much for taking the time to talk with us, it’s been fun!

Keep up to date with them on IG at:
Duble @return_to_dust
Kovet @rails_true_deities

Text by attng3tr

panoramic photos by Kovet
all others photos via Duble and Kovets’ IG

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