Freight Friday: Found on the Rails-bobross75

By - Friday, April 8th, 2016

Welcome back to another rendition of “Found on the Rails”. Today we are featuring bobross75. He’s far from a newcomer in the bench game.  He’s been benching for 15-16yrs. He’s holding down the west coast coming to you from Cali bringing you the freshest flics from LA to Riverside. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with bobross75 for a Q&A sesh, see what he has to say below.

What do you love more: trains or graff on trains?

My first love is the trains. The graff just adds to what I’m looking at already. The graff can add to a cars beauty. And at times it can also take away from it. Sometimes a car that hasn’t been painted can be just as beautiful as a painted one.

Do you have a fav car and why is it your fav?

My favorite cars to bench are Soo Lines. It’s my favorite cause they are rustiest cars I’ve seen. And I don’t see them that often so it’s much more gratifying when I see do, it becomes a full on photo shoot.

What do you get out of benching?

Benching gives me that time to myself although I do take my sons with me at times. I form a connection with what I’m doing. Especially when I’m walking a line. Listening to all the sounds around me. Hearing my steps on the rocks the breathes I take. But what it gives me the most is the feeling of the hunt and discovery. I know what I see has probably been seen before. It’s new for me at that moment. So I feel like I was the first to see it.

Looking through your IG feed, I see that you shoot streets as well as freights. For you is there an advantage to doing one vs the other?

I love to do both street and freights. An advantage it gives me is time to better understand my camera and its functions. Also to be able to adjust to my surroundings. I just don’t turn my camera on and turn the dial to Auto. I shoot manual and manual focus about 90% of the time. And I can tell you when I decided to do that I missed a lot of freights many many pics came out blurry. I’ll shot in Priority and TV mode also if it’s moving. It just depends. Another advantage is that I can make my pictures look different than most. And the biggest advantage to quote Sugar Free “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready” my camera is always on in my lap and ready to shoot.

Do you have any advice to a future bencher out there?

It’s hard to give advice cause I don’t know what ones motivation is to start benching. But if I had to give something it would be. To do it for the right reasons not just Internet fame it’s not real life. Do it for the love and the preservation. Understand that there’s so much more to it than the Graff. Longevity is the test of someone’s love for what they do. Most will lose interest and leave the real ones to keep doing.

What social media platform do you prefer when it comes to posting pics? (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Twitter)

Social media sites I use are Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. I’m rarely on Facebook it’s mostly for family communication. I also have a Flickr but I use that more for storage. I’ve been putting almost everything on my Flickr since 2007. I mainly use Instagram to show what I’ve caught that day. And it’s usually the best of what I’ve caught. I think Instagram isn’t for everything should be the best you have to offer. But that’s just my opinion…


You mentioned that you’ve used the 12oz Forum to post pics, what’s one thing you like about it?

I did post on 12oz a long time ago early 00’s. I don’t remember how much I posted. I liked it cause at the time it was a place you could post and a lot of people could see your flicks. And it was early on before this social media explosion. There wasn’t much to improve on cause I don’t remember seeing a lot of beef. I think most appreciated a place they could see there own stuff and many others.

Anything else that you’d like to add?

I want to thank 12oz for giving me this opportunity. The BSG Krew these guys bench hard. And do it right. To my fellow freight photographers/benchers for pushing it beyond benching. And always being original in what they do and bring to the table. They push me and I hope I do the same for them.

We would like to thank bobross75 for taking the time to interview with us here at 12oz Prophet. Keep on catching those freights flics, we’ll be looking for them!

Until next time, we’ll be seeing you trackside!

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