Freight Friday: Found on the Rails – Northernfreights

By - Friday, August 26th, 2016

This edition of Freight Friday, we take you north of the border to our benching neighbors in Toronto, Canada. This week, we are featuring @northernfreights, known for his variety of shots “found on the rails.”

We had an opportunity to catch up with him to get his perspective on the bench game.

How long have you benched?
I first started benching back in 1997. I used to live right by the mainline and caught quite a few old gems. I took quite a long break and was off the bench for years until early 2014 I saw a Deter whole car roll by which kinda got me hooked. I started benching again with my cousin @durtstash and been at it ever since.

What do you get out of benching?
It’s nice to get out and hear the sounds the trains make and walk among those steel giants in the yard. I remember as a kid walking with my grandfather and cousin near the tracks which is where I guess it all started. You never know what you’re going to catch when you go out and the joy of catching something real nice in the right spot at the right time of day is gold. Benching taught me a lot about photography itself back in the day which also peaked my interest in the art form. It’s just as much fun getting home sorting through and working on the photos as it is benching them for me.

Is there any car that you’ve benched a favorite of yours? Why is it your favorite?
It’s hard to pick a favourite all time car. I really love the old hardcopies I have of artist such as HIGH, MBER, VIRUS, JESOL but one of my favourites has to be a CN caboose by DURO3 & SADER. Some more recent favourites include a KWEST / BACON car and the “California Republic” California Lords wholecar is definitely one of my fav catches. An EPIK – YME married intermodal is another fav. The list kinda goes on though. I can never get enough ICHABOD… 
Do you have advice for future benchers/foamers?
Try to be creative with your shots. Find a good spot don’t just flick every single car that rolls by and post it up. Quality over quantity.

Be sure to check out @northernfreights on Instagram, along with his cousin @durtstash for more quality benching.

A big thanks to @northernfreights for taking the time to talk with us at 12ozProphet. Until next time, we’ll be seeing you trackside!

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