Freight Friday: Found on the Rails – twistsomethingup

By - Friday, February 19th, 2016

Back at it with another edition of “Found on the Rails.” Today we feature bencher @twistsomethingup. Coming correct from the lone star state, he’s consistantly filling our feed with the best boxes coming down the tracks. And if you take a look at his gallery he even lines up the cars at times, so it’s like you’re there watching the line roll by which is super dope! 

We were able to take em away from the gram for a few minutes to find out a lil’ more.

How long have you been benching?

I started in the early 2000’s off and on til now. The last 2-3 years it’s been a part of my routine. 

How often do you bench?

Very often. My grandmother has always lived in front of a main line. I’ve seen at least one line go by everyday for the past ten years. As well as documenting here and there before everything was at the palm of your hands. 

What’s your favorite car to bench?

My favorite car by far is a the boxcar…rusty old boxcars. 

Was there a time that anything out of the ordinary happened while benching?

Shit always happens. But honestly that’s what makes it an adventure. Stumbling upon some stalled lines. I love that out of the ordinary type shit. 

You mentioned that you use the 12oz forum. What’s one thing you like and one thing we could improve on?

I’ve always enjoyed the features at 12ozProphet. If y’all could improve anything it would be to add more items to the online shop; maybe some tshirt/artish collabs. Oh and the shipping is crazy expensive, but I still support the movement.


Yeah, thanks for the opportunity. Shout out to trenz210 and all the crew, homies and the loyal benchers out there. You know who y’all are, no need to mention names. The shit does not stop! #benchmode

We would like to thank @twistsomethingup for taking the time to be a part of this edition of “Found on the Rails”. Be sure to check em out on Instagram. 

Until next time,  we’ll be seeing you trackside! 


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