Freight Friday: Found on the Rails – Utapout

By - Friday, August 7th, 2015

If you like finding graff on the streets you’re destined to become a bencher, or hell, maybe you do both like @Utapout does. His Instagram is filled with a variety of dope ass graff flicks and videos. As you can guess we’re featuring him in this edition of “Found on the rails”. He catches a good variety of cars from Mecro to Kick and has been benchin’ since 2011. And here’s a few words from the man himself:

So what got you interested in benchin?
“I finally started benchin when I was in a stable place economically, where I could finally persue collecting graff flics seriously. And not just trains, but L.A. and it’s surrounding areas.

What’s some of the best cars you’ve caught?
“Some of the best cars are from my family. It’s sick watching them progress and evolve. Not to mention the story after story related to each piece. I’ve caught some sick Mecros. I also love seeing L.A. dudes on freights.”

So, if you’re looking to fill up your IG feed with some new bench and street flicks, give @Utapout a follow. You won’t be disappointed!

Props to Utapout, thanks for taking the time to talk with us at 12oz Prophet!
Until next time, we’ll be seeing you trackside!

Text by attng3tr
Photos by Utapout

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