Freight Friday: Holy Roller End to Ends with Ricks and Friends

By - Friday, October 11th, 2013

In the ’90’s, King 157 with RTM and HS crew stood out from the pack by being the first to paint a lot of holy rollers. King 157 is single-handedly responsible for a lot of historic holy roller end to ends and whole cars, including proposing to his wife with whole car reading “Carmen, will you marry me? -King” along the bottom with a King above. Freight Friday previously featured an RTM end to end and this Friday we look at a few end to ends that have tapped into this well-established Cali tradition. Ricks of Skate All Cities (SAC), often teaming with Gash, has painted a bunch of proper end to ends with a variety of notable heads from different crews. In Bombing Science’s interview with Ricks, he explained that there are only holy rollers in his yard and that he has no particular reason for painting them. Either way, it fits in with Cali’s history. These end to ends from Ricks and friends all feature similar, if not matching, color schemes.

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