Freight Friday: MECRO CDC – Best Freight Train Graffiti 11/21/14

By - Friday, February 6th, 2015

Freight Fridays is dedicated to the metal heads, the train junkies, and all of you that live and breath for reefers, auto racks and boxcars. This weeks installment spotlights one of the most recognizable names on the line, MECRO CDC. Coast to coat this guy has left his fingerprints all over the freight game, whether it’s one of his whole cars or that extra clean R, it’s always great to catch MECRO riding through your city.

Remember when you were coming up and older cats would harp on you about letter structure, starting out simple and other essential facts of the “graff life”. They were no doubt full of sage wisdom, but guys like MECRO and ICH took the concept of simplicity to a whole different level. When I say that MECRO’s name is one of the most recognizable, I mean it literally. Not only are you likely to catch a piece on any given line, you will also know him when you see him thanks to his style being crispy as fuck.

I mean, this dude has mastered the art of the straight letter and developed it into a style that is more eye-catching than most peoples pieces. There is something incredibly powerful about having such a legible name when it comes packaged with jaw dropping execution. Even when it is speeding by it pops off the freight and sticks with you. If graffiti is about having people know your name, then MECRO is an artist that even the uninitiated can recognize.

In the end MECRO has put in the time and paid the dues to be recognized as one of the best. All Props to MECRO, the CDC Crew and everybody else out there hitting freights and living the dream. If you have a dope MECRO story, a suggestions for a future spotlight or just something to say feel free to speak up and let us know in the comment section, we’re always on the look out for new writers and artists.

All photo credit due to All Seeing.

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