Freight Friday: TOE 3059

By - Friday, May 10th, 2013

TOE 3059 has been dusting and rusting nicely. Not to mention it is carrying classic old and new school freight history on both sides. Starting with a Hollywood moniker dated 6-8-83, ending with a fresh Cali-style burner from 7Seas. Hindue smashed both sides of the boxcar with several hand styles. He manages to use a streak with nearly flawless calligraphic precision, not to mention often using two colors. He continues to carry the tradition of oil bar monikers well into the future, this time putting a drop shadow on his streak. This is on the same car as a faded Hollywood streak, dated 83, next to a Colossus of Roads done in a different style of oil bar. The monikers are next to each other, but it’s hard to verify they were done together. Above the streaks, Aunr manages to space out some flavor in between the TOE’s unique striping with a spray paint tag. Mr. Bass is also at the party, as well as Drake or maybe Dpake. On the other side of the car, 7Seas throws up 1810 next to his burner, which is not the date when piece was painted, but a crew. Despite his last S being stamped, a little S seems to remain. To wrap up the diversity of the this car, female writer Meme breaks out stylish, readable freight train letters, and a popping, unique color scheme. The boxcar itself was built in 7-80, and still has one panel open.

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