Fresh Videos from New Technologies: The Opportunities Are Limitless

By - Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

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It’s amazing how fast technology progresses. Every year there is a newer, better and faster model of what you’re using at the moment. While sometimes it may seem difficult to keep up, the benefits of all this innovation and evolution cannot be understated. New technologies have opened the door to new ways of exploring and documenting the world, using better more versatile tools and programs to make it happen.

For videographer Bazooka Films 77 all the improvements have made his job a whole lot easier, and boy are we glad. Here at 12ozProphet we are big fans of the work of our friend Bazooka. We feature a lot of his work because we like the way he pushes the boundaries, it’s something we firmly believe in. From cassette tape cameras to the DSLR he uses now, there have been some major changes in filmmaking during his short tenure; we sat down with him to talk about it what it’s been like.


  1. How long have you been making films and how did you get your start?

I’ve been doing it for 5 years now. I first got my start when I was tutoring and mentoring students in San Antonio, Texas. I used to make little slideshows for my students and I noticed that even at that time I was already putting dedication into it, long editing hours meaning, all night. So, officially my film passion started when I was in AmeriCorps.

  1. What was the technology (cameras and editing programs) like when you first started?

Well, at the time a lot of the things were new for me. I still wasn’t aware of the editing programs out there and even the type of cameras to use, but the first time I did use the camera I remember using tape and also editing in avid. This world was so different and new, and it just amazed me because all I wanted to do was to take this in. I tell you one thing, it was kind of pricey especially when you needed to buy tapes when you’re filming.

  1. How did that limit what you were able to do?

Sometimes the limitations came in the type of equipment you had. If you aren’t up to par with certain things then it was harder to transfer. My limitations came from not knowing much of the programs, however they’re not always so user friendly, even using avid can seem really difficult. More technical limitations, if we don’t get the proper footage, tape sometimes tangled, and again the prices per tape that you’re paying for. The equipment that I used at school seem to match up with the software if that makes any sense a lot of my experiences on editing were also on my friends computers.

  1. How has editing software improved?

Editing software has become more user friendly. It’s a lot easier to transfer and even YouTube is a great help sometimes. I think the pick up in the area of computer technology as we see it today has helped editors, photographers and videographers very much. Even as far as sending out a final video I remember at times having to burn a DVD test for my client to see their video, or using a USB, now I’m able to use WeTransfer to even send raw footage and it has made it a lot easier, especially if you have a second editor that’s not in the same city as you are. What I really do enjoy is that you can have a library full of editing tips just online already. Trust me, when you needed to figure out a certain type of effect you have to do it wasn’t as easy all the time. Like I said before, now you can just type that in and there’s always going to be some type of tutorial for that effect.

  1. How have better, faster computers helped?

We’ll always see that with the faster computers and bigger computers comes the capability of doing more things, especially when it comes to rendering. In editing, to me it’s made it a lot faster. I think the processing of what we use while we’re editing has become a lot easier as well, but that’s more based on how fast your computer works. I think that nowadays you can get jobs done in a faster and timely manner than before, so yeah thank God. The new and improved computers are awesome, it’s what you use to create your image, your vision, that you’re going to put out for this other person that trusted in you to do their work.

  1. How have cameras improved?

Cameras now days have improved a lot. Again, I remember using a tape camcorder just to do my videos, not all of them had the capability of taking photos, or even shooting well in low lighting. For me, for what I do, I think that the new cameras have improved so much and made the job a lot easier as well. And let’s not forget that the quality you’re getting its just like, forget about it. I can tell you because I remember the first time seeing a commercial or video on Vimeo that was shot with the Canon 7d, it was this little simple video alone that blew my mind and I knew that I had to get a DSLR.

  1. How has this changed the way you make films?

It just gives you the different aspects of quality on the video or film, but you can’t take away from what a person prefers. Not everybody’s into the new cameras, some people still use film cameras, or try to manipulate that style that you would get if you were using film. For me, yes the new cameras have helped a lot. The first time I saw the Canon 7 D video I asked my friend how can I get that same type of quality, and that’s when I knew that I needed to get that camera

  1. Have you ever used a drone in filming?

Yes I’m used to drone and one of my videos

  1. What did that add to the video?

The use of it just gave it a different perspective of the field where I was at. It gave it a different type of touch to the video/ I really enjoyed watching the footage and it just inspired me more. If you want to use it more, especially for certain types of photo shoots, I would love to take out the drone again.

  1. What was the experience like?

I had a great experience I would love to use one again. I would love to get one, my mind is always evolving, so you know as more toys are available the more I just want to use them.


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