Fresh DIY Jackets

By - Friday, August 5th, 2011

{image-1} Fashion has always played an important role in graffiti and the affiliated hip hop movement. On the eve of the birth of hip hop, Gangs like the Savage Nomads and the Black Spades would rock jackets with custom insignias to rep their crews. While the gangs of the late 1960s  and 70s started to fade away, the art of hooking up jackets however remained ever present in New York City street culture. Graffiti writers would take the reigns and begin to customize denim jackets with full blown pieces and dope characters. This DIY attitude and style that writers brought to the game has changed the look of street fashion for ever. Nowadays, there are a host of high end boutiques that claim to push the same DIY look, but buying a ridiculously priced “custom” jacket just ain’t the same. Enough of the jocking, it’s time to bring back the DIY work ethic. The fellas over at Flying-Fortress just dropped some knowledge for you cats trying to hook yourself up with your own custom jackets and patches. Here’s what they got to say but get the whole scoop after the jump. {image-2} {image-3}

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