Future Plans for Brooklyn's Batcave Revealed

By - Monday, November 26th, 2012

Since work began clearing the grounds of Brooklyn’s popular Batcave, there has been talk that it too would be demolished and replaced with another high-rise apartment building. The land was purchased by philanthropist Joshua Rechnitz, founder and chairman of the nonprofit group New York City Fieldhouse Inc. The property sold for $7 million, according to public records. Rechnitz himself keeps quiet on the project. He has never publicly spoken on the purchase or his project, and has denied numerous requests for interviews or quotes.In an article by the New York Times, we are given a small idea of what we can expect from Rechnitz. Rechnitz plans to develop the existing building and space rather than demolish and rebuild. He wants to build a space where artists can both display and create art. Rechnitz and Randy Polumbo, the friend who originally urged him to check out the Batcave property, want to preserve the essential rawness of the building while adding ventilation and other “basic life-support services.” The building will consist of mostly artist studio spaces with a small gallery area for exhibitions. There is no mention of when renovation work is set to start, so there is still time to check out the abandoned Batcave, or you can take a safer tour of the building with this video.

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