Geko of Crate Cartel Holds it Down in the Underground Aussie Hip Hop Scene

By - Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Geko, from Melbourne, Australia has been working at this music and graffiti thing for a minute now. He is passionate, hard-working and unafraid to speak his mind, which are all things that can be hard to maintain in the hip hop game in Australia. The Melbourne hip hop scene dwells in the underground, and that’s the way they like it. Striking it big in hip hop down under is rare, but also not really a priority, which is what makes the music so raw and unique (most of the time). This video is a brand new joint from Goatmob, which is made up of Geko and Aetcix- two guys that aren’t afraid to tell you exactly how it is. Hailing from the premier Aussie underground hip hop crew ‘Crate Cartel‘, these guys have undeniable energy together. Particularly when they sit around getting drunk. The promo video for their latest release shows this candidly…and it’s funny as hell. If you all want a glimpse of what goes down on a regular night with the boys in Melbourne then check it out below. Also peep the flicks of Geko pieces from around his home town. Here’s the promo clip if you care for a laugh… Text: Lily Video: Full Clip

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