German Graffiti Legend OZ Killed by Subway at 64

By - Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

While he was relatively unknown here in the United States, OZ was a mammoth of the German graffiti scene. At 64 years olds he was still active in the streets, more so than many much younger than him. It was his lifestyle. He had been caught many times and spent more than 8 years in prison over the course of his life. But no matter how they punished OZ, nothing could stop him from placing his signature spirals and smiley faces all over the city. The symbols seem almost childish, but hail from a time before predominantly name based graffiti. It is said that each mark he left represents one life taken by the Nazi’s. It’s unclear if he ever got an accurate count, but god bless him for trying.

OZ, the graffiti legend, was killed last year when he was struck by a subway car while catching a tag. His body was found by S-Bahn workers along with paint and an unfinished piece.

Just days before the incident Vocativ had the opportunity to interview OZ about what keeps him motivated at 64, and the reason behind his fervent draw to graffiti. The piece and video (above) are definitely worth checking out.

RIP to a legend, May your tags never fade and your imprint not be forgotten.

[Update: The story has been updated to correct when the incident occurred] 

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