Interview: Getting Up With Montreal-Based Artist Earth Crusher

By - Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Our eyes and ears on the streets of Montreal recently got up with Montreal based artist Earth Crusher following the opening of his show at Sub V. For those of us state-side who are not up with his work, get familiar with a short Q&A. 12ozProphet: When/Why/How did you start writing graffiti? Earth Crusher: I started getting into graffiti at the end of high school, but really started painting around ’04-’05, where I met Hemp, Himz, Nus2 and Hazeo who got me into bombing highway spots and painting freight trains. I was always into art so graffiti came quite naturally. 12ozProphet: Did you start with Dré or other names? Earth Crusher: I started writing Dréfus and quickly shortened it to Dré for the ease of it, but I still use the name Dréfus sometimes. 12ozProphet: What crews are you involved with? Earth Crusher: The first crew I painted with was NEC. After that crew died out, I joined TD, DHS, and most recently FAM with Five8. You might remember my Ted Danson and Tony Danza stickers… 12ozProphet: Best neighborhoods to hit in Montréal and why? Earth Crusher: The best place for me to paint in Montreal is anywhere chill nowadays. I’m not doing street level bombing anymore really. I don’t find I can add more to the scene that’ hasn’t already been done with a spray can. Montreal already has a lot of really good writers doing it proper so I don’t feel I’m going to stand out in that respect. What I concentrate on now is trying to figure out new ways of getting up that will attract the attention of not just other writers, but the public in general. People look at graffiti and usually dismiss it as vandalism. They don’t try to read or appreciate it for what it is. I want to create work that infects the minds of everyone, something that draws them in and is unescapable like a black hole. 12ozProphet: How did the EC character come about? Earth Crusher: I started EARTH CRUSHER with this purpose in mind. I always hated the bombardment of advertising and wondered who was behind it, so I created a character who I thought reflected all the horrible qualities of a multinational CEO bent on greed and brain washing and created a brand out of it. Now I try to use different advertising and marketing solutions to my advantage to push EARTH CRUSHER as far as I can. 12ozProphet: How do you feel painting a canvas as opposed to a wall? Earth Crusher: Painting walls is always fun. It’s just a great way to spend an afternoon. I find it doesn’t translate well on canvas. What I paint on a wall is different from what I’ll paint on canvas. I’ve tried painting letter styles an canvas before, but I’m usually not happy with the results. Now I just keep the two mediums separate. 12ozProphet: Do you have any special project’s you’re working on, or will be this year? Earth Crusher: I’m currently working on a logo for a new comedy/arts festival coming soon to Toronto which I’m very excited about. I don’t think I can divulge too many details yet, but you’ll know it when you see it! I’ve also been asked by Alan Ganev to participate in a big instillation project for Nuit Blanche which I’m really looking forward to. I also plan to make some videos for the internet, the next one will be filmed by Robby Reis of Natali Film and will be starring Gilles and Dan from Gilles & Dan and Earth Crusher. Earth Crusher painting in the back yard of FAKE. Earth Crusher painting in the back yard of the Fake Store in Montreal 2011. Text: José Enrique Montes Hernandez Artwork: Earth Crusher

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