Good Eats: The Firebelly

By - Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Every bar in downtown Wilmington has its’ own unique stories surrounding a celebrity encounter or two. Although many of these tales are nothing more than overly exaggerated, grotesquely embellished fan-fiction, every once in a while there’s that diamond in the rough type of tale. The Firebelly Lounge pokes its’ way into this week’s good eats with such a story. For those that don’t know, Wilmington, NC is a small port city best known for its’ historic courthouse, cutty boxcar lay-ups and scenic beaches. Wilmington is also the home of EUE Screen Gems Studio, the largest domestic television and film production-company outside of California. Consequently, many of the restaurants and bars in the downtown area cater specifically to the television tourist. These establishments pull in patrons with gimmicky themes revolving around meaningless movie memorabilia. Their menus consist of overpriced entrees named after your favorite CW sitcom stars. The foolish folks who frequent these spots shouldn’t step foot into what locals refer to as “the belly of the beast” aka The Firebelly Lounge. In April of 2001, Steve Buscemi, Vince Vaughn and Scott Rosenberg made their way into The Firebelly Lounge after a long day’s work on the set of a film titled “Domestic Violence”. After enjoying a few rounds, Vaughn began flirting with a local resident’s girlfriend. Her man didn’t take kindly to the star’s actions. After exchanging some choice words with Vaughn he exited the establishment then waited for the men to leave. The angry boyfriend and a few of his buddies approached the stars as they were exiting The Firebely Lounge. The enraged boyfriend confronted Vaughn again, this time brandishing a large blade. Steve Buscemi quickly realized the gravity of the situation and attempted to diffuse the conflict. He stepped in between Vaughn and the local and attempted to talk it out. The furious boyfriend wasn’t tryin’ to hear it. Homeboy lunged at Buscemi with the knife stabbing him in the face repeatedly. Buscemi suffered multiple stab wounds to his forehead, throat and arm before two of Wilmington’s finest put an end to the assault. He was rushed to the ER, the psychopathic boyfriend was detained but the scuffle erupted again while the officers were busy handcuffing the assailant. Vince Vaughn and Scott Rosenberg went after the boyfriend’s buddies directly in front of the uniformed officers. A few blows were exchanged, Vaughn was pepper sprayed, and everyone was arrested on assault charges. The Firebelly Lounge is located at 365 N. Front St. Wilmington NC. Check em’ out if you’re ever in the area, you probably won’t get stabbed unless you deserve it. Go on Monday’s for dollar beers and dollar tacos. You can catch a buzz and fill your belly for less than 10 bucks, shank or no shank. While your there, make sure to check out the spot where Mr. Pink nearly lost his life…just follow the trail of blood.

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