We Remember Keith Haring on What Would Have Been his 54th Birthday

By - Friday, May 4th, 2012

Today marks what would be artist Keith Haring’s 54th birthday. As a way to pay homage, Google honored him in a Google Doodle that featured the Haring’s instantly recognizable style of art. Keith Haring and his work have continued to have a light shone upon, and last month the Brooklyn Museum opened a new Keith Haring exhibition, “Keith Haring 1978-1982” which is up through July 8th. However, a good friend of Keith Haring, Eric Haze, iconic graffiti writer, pays a more personal tribute to the artist himself. In 2008, Haze wrote an in-depth post dedicated to Keith on what would’ve been his 50th birthday. Haze discusses their friendship and the life Keith Haring lived, and even mentioned the “Party of Life” which was a party Haring threw every year on his birthday. Below we grabbed a photo courtesy of Haze, of an original invite Keith Haring created for his annual celebration that was made out of a puzzle. This one in particular was from his 1985 invite which was the second anniversary of the Party of Life that was held for many years at the old Palladium on 14th street in New York City. Haring never failed to deliver something amazing to share with the world, whether it was his paintings, or personal birthday invitations, it was always something special. Here’s a quote we pulled from that post Haze did a few years back on Keith’s 50th birthday speaking to Haring’s influence which continues today: “And for reasons I almost hesitate to put into words now, I find myself influenced even more by the spirit and power of his work these days than ever. After years of focusing primarily on the always so planned out worlds of design and production, I am most drawn again to the quality and immediacy of the kind of line art that can only come from the human hand, where beauty and emotion is held in a single gesture, and where, like the purest outline of a great graffiti masterpiece or throw up, there is no substitute for the speed and confidence of total commitment to the moment. That is Keith’s work all day long, with a personal style and vocabulary that will stand the endless test of time… and it’s a beautiful thing.” Happy 54th birthday Keith Haring, may you always Rest in Peace, Power, and Paradise.

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