Graffiti: Costa Rica: Zona Tibas – Barrio Escalante

By - Sunday, February 7th, 2016

Here’s another scene report coming from the tropical land of Costa Rica. For this edition, 12ozprophet ventured into the inner-city of the capital San Jose. Into an area named “Tibas” which is the most densely populated area of the whole country. Located just about 2 miles from the central area of San Jose. This is an industrial area with tons of commerce and commuters. With one of the highest crime rates, this is not a nice area to be in at night. We took a stroll around the area to show you “los estilos locales”.

This is one of the areas where you can find some of the oldest graffiti. The scene only being around 15 years old, these writers were among the first school of letter makers in this country. The most prominent crew in this area would be the DFS (DaFreakStyles) crew. This is from a different era, back when caps were improvised and when styles were as original as they get.

As we went on, down the train tracks and up the hill. Taking short cuts through different zones. We passed over into Barrio Escalante. This is a very old neighborhood in San Pedro. But now a days this area is mostly dominated by the youth. With tons of material for inspiration. The THC (TodosHermanosCentroamericanos) crew is well presented here, and very much still active. We’ve covered this area in a previous report. Click here to view the article.

Featured artist include


Zect DFS



Negus THC


Sole THC 

Sonar THC

Ynk GC


Able (Nicaragua)

Tesk (Nicaragua)




And to all the other unknown writers.

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