Graffiti: Instagram Roundup: @klopsrockz

By - Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

During all of my trips to New York, I try to dedicate at least 2-3 out of my trips to benching. I arm myself with two of my cameras and venture out into the city for a few hours to see what new writing I’ll find. While it’s one of my favorite one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon, I get tired of seeing the same toys or badly executed tags. KLOPS is, without a doubt, my favorite exception to this.

KLOPS is a writer from Queens, NY. You can find his writing on the side of trucks, in abandoned buildings, or even in some of the more visible areas of the city. Pretty much anywhere you go in the city, you’re bound to see a KLOPS piece somewhere. His work is instantly recognizable by his tendency for using characters and his familiar throwup.

KLOPS’ Instagram feed features a compilation of flicks of his work that can be seen throughout the city. He also posts the occasional illustrations he’s done with his personal commentary on news, showing dude has a good sense of humor as well (see also his personally created graffiti memes). He’s done collaborations with the likes of Fresh Paint, Faes & Sefu, etc. and he’s been featured on BMX website The Come Up. Without a doubt, KLOPS is one of the most busy writers in NY and he keeps things interesting. For these reasons we chose to spotlight him this week for our Instagram Roundup of the week.

Be sure to leave suggestions for our next Instagram Roundup in the comments section below.

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Comment #1

ATTNg3tr - March 12, 2015

Great post! Not only is Klops entertaining but truly innovative. Always leaves me curious on what’s next?

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