Graffiti on Terrorist Bomb Site in the Middle East

By - Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Near the Arab township of Yha-fo, sits a massive abandoned seaside amusement park called, “the Dolphinarium”. For years, it was an enormous, lavish, crowded water park, much like SeaWorld. Later, the venue became a fancy nightclub and popular discotheque. Twelve years ago, a Hamas suicide bomber murdered twenty people, fifteen of them teenagers, mostly girls, and injured over a eighty others, in an attack which shut down the park permanently. The blown up building has been left in the same state it was in after the explosion. Surreal and bittersweet, the boarded up venue still holds dozens of beautifully designed rooms, with plush purple couches, expensive wallpaper, glass tables, and fancy mirrors. Now covered in dust and shrapnel, the place is silent, except for the sounds from the sea. The large stadium amphitheatre exhibition pools, which were once filled with dolphins, are now pools filled with bomb fragments, parts of the buildings walls, and huge decorations and old signs which were destroyed in the blast. There are many untouched, somber remnants, of an amusement park, night club, and many lives and families which were torn apart. Like other abandonments, it has become a massive art gallery for graffiti artists, and a home for drifters. Homeless Palestinians, and African refugees come through the site every day, scavenging for scrap goods to re-sell. Street artists break into the closed off, boarded up, terrorist destroyed water park and nightclub, to escape reality, and practice their artistic craft. Recently “Yarrow”, a female aerosol artist from Canada, “Fabu”, a North American graffiti “bomber”, “Dan Plasma” from the New York City WildStyle Crew, and “Joust” a graffiti writer from Berlin; teamed up to graffiti “bomb”, the already bombed abandonment. They spent several days exploring the site and left various murals and artworks on the interior and exterior of the structure. The message of the murals was healing; that despite the terrorist killings, this is still a place for friendship and gathering….

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