Graffiti Photographer 36th Chamber Profile on Pure Filth Magazine

By - Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Our friend Mr. Glass at Pure Filth Magazine reached out to the photographer known as 36th Chamber to ask him a couple questions to see what makes him tick. You are probably familiar with the name from his Flickr photostream that’s constantly updates with fresh tags and fills from the streets of New York and pieces in remote secret hidaways. We posted an excerpt of the interview below. Check out the interview in its entirety on Pure Filth Magazine and check out more work from 36th Chamber here. What got you into photography and what’s in the arsenal? I started to document some of my work, anything I did I wanted a picture of it. My arsenal’s not too special; after my shitty paint covered point and shoot, I got a Canon Rebel XS. I found a Canon Ftb in my garage a few months back and I’ve been using that mostly. I’ve been interested in 35mm film lately. I also have a Canon Rebel2000 I shoot with sometimes. And a small variety of lenses. Describe your process of going out and taking pictures, is there specific writers you seek out? Normally I get pretty high, then I wander the streets and flick random things. I don’t really seek out writers, things just pop out here and there and I just want a picture of it. I’ve been flicking less graffiti now that I’m shooting film, I haven’t felt like bringing the digital out in awhile. Check out the full interview on Pure Filth Magazine.

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