Graffiti Pioneer Riff170 Needs Your Help

By - Monday, November 21st, 2011

Riff170 is one of the greatest graffiti pioneers and innovators, although he’d cringe if he ever heard someone say that. He’s from an era before the term “graffiti” was accepted, and it still hasn’t made it’s way into his vocabulary. As Blade put it, “Riff 170 is one of the most underrated old timers from the early 70’s. A talented artist with the most amazing paint control, that helped change the look of most pieces seen on the subways during that period. Many old school writers forget that Riff did tons of Riff pieces but he also carried others names like WORM 161, DOVE 2, CONAN plus so many others. His respect as an artist is way over due.” It’s incredible to fathom that Riff170 was in his early teens when he was painting alongside Phase2 and Tracy 168, former partners, and gods in the graffiti pantheon. 12oz blogger and author of Graffiti 365, Terror 161 put it, “Riff is known as the father of mechanical lettering, and he was the inventor of almost as many designs as he had names.” He continues, “Today, thirty-three years after Riff retired, it is virtually impossible to find a graffiti recipe without one of his ingredients in it.” Recently Riff170 has fallen on hard times which has left him homeless. Alan Ket has stepped up to help organize a campaign to help Riff raise money for an apartment by making some of his artwork available for sale. This effort is in it’s final stretch and can really use your contribution. 12ozProphet posted a few of the items up for sale below and you can find all of the information about this campaign by following this link to the main page to “Help Graffiti Pioneer Riff170 Get A Home”.

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