The Graffiti Podcast: SEN4

By - Monday, July 6th, 2015

The Graffiti Podcast is at it again, this time featuring the legendary SEN4. For any of you who somehow don’t know, SEN4 has been crushing the streets of New York City for years. As a bomber he has made a name for himself in every borough and is recognized as one of the OGs in the game. The interview will no doubt provide insight into SEN4’s longtime habits of grilling everything that lay before him, and is a must listen for any graff head.

ALSKI and Big Lutz’s ability to connect with the most legendary names in the game never fails to impress. A few weeks ago they had DESA, subject of 12ozProphet’s Million Dollar Vandal book, on the show and teamed up with us for an awesome contest to win and autograph copy of the book. If you weren’t lucky enough to win that time, don’t worry, there will definitely be more contests between the Graffiti Podcast and 12ozProphet in the future. The Graffiti Podcast also host their own give away every week, so make sure you follow them on instagram and tune into the show to find out how to win.

Shout out to SEN4, the Graffiti Podcast and all the OG writers out there that are helping to spread the word about New York graff and bring to life what it was like to get down in that iconic era. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Sound Cloud or on

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