Graffiti in San José, Costa Rica

By - Friday, April 24th, 2015

The capital city of Costa Rica, San José exhibits incredible amounts of creativity, riddled throughout the city’s landscape. Much like the country itself, the art involves its natural feeling. Artists are inspired by their surroundings, thus organic shapes and colors are the flavor of style that is evolving in this small Central American country.  

Over the course of the last twenty years, the graffiti and hip-hop movements have been rapidly advancing in Costa Rica, inspiring people all over the country, giving way to this special period in urban history.

Kien, Pucho, Rot



The art that is being produced on the streets of San José has a unique flow that many writers and crews succeed perfectly at capturing, transforming the entire city into a huge canvas for local artists leading the movement. THC or Todos Hermanos Centroamericanos is arguably the most notorious crew, with Mush being the most famous of its members. Other members include Kech, Negus and Kien. Graffiti has taken over many districts of this capital city, such as this neighborhood known as barrio la California.Graffiti_in_San-Jose_Costa-6Graffiti_in_San-Jose_Costa-5

Everyday, more identities are being scrawled on every corner of the city and more writers are influenced to get up. Naturally, the older generations influence the new ones, making it possible to see the progresssion of the local street art from generation to generation. Police do not enforce the laws as much as in other Central American countries. This leniency creates an atmosphere of progressive artistic expression. Ticos generally have an appreciation for street-art, making it possible for artists to have the advantage of painting in the day time, and helping them give way to incredibly detailed pieces.

Mush, KechGraffiti_in_San-Jose_Costa-13


The graffiti and street art scenes are growing rapidly in this tropical country. Be sure to stay tuned for updates. Hit up the comments section below and let us know what graffiti and street art from Costa Rica should be featured.

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