12ozProphet Tag Tuesday – Twist THR aka Barry McGee Bonus Edition

By - Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Vey few writers have been as consistent for as long as Twist THR. Even fewer can lay claim to being as prolific or as influential as  he’s been, particularly as being among the few graffiti writers to cross over into the contemporary art scene with both his style and credibility intact. Hailing from San Francisco, we’re privileged to have published one of his very first interviews for 12ozProphet Issue #3, way back in 1996. Since then, he’s ridden a trajectory of accomplishment and success that puts him at the top of the game regardless of which set of rules you decide to judge him against. Though, there’s a lot more to Twist than his handstyle its because of his grace with a loaded mop, juicy silver marker or a can of paint that we award him this week’s Tag Tuesday spotlight.

Be sure and check out the Twist THR aka Barry McGee Mega-Thread (Official Version) in our forum and let us know if you been down long enough to have a copy of 12ozProphet Issue #3 in the comments.

Produced by 12ozProphet Studios
World Rights Reserved ©2015

Photography: Allen Benedikt

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