Graffiti365 Profile: Aiko

By - Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

12ozProphet blogger Terror161 recently released a book, Graffiti365, an encyclopedic look at graffiti and street art’s past and present. In anticipation of the Graffiti365 Book Signing event at the Wynwood Walls on Friday, December 2nd he has begun a series of profiles on some of the artists that will be joining him at the event to sign copies of the book. Check out this profile on Lady Aiko. “I met Lady Aiko shortly before Art Basel 2010. She and Martha Cooper convinced me to make the pilgrammage to South Beach and so I let my anti-permission walls anti- Street Art guard down. I was midway through compiling my book and thought it’d be a good way of getting content and meeting some of the players on the other (Street Art) side of the fence. I was flattered as hell when Aiko asked me to paint a wall with her, fully cognizant that time had passed me by and without a subway car canvas I was out of my element. Needless to say she injected my ancient scrawlings with school bus and temptress stencils that brought breath to my lifeless letters as if she were a Japanese Dr. Frankenstein. That trip and collaborating on that wall with her caused me to look at Street Art with a newfound respect without feeling I had sold graff out. “Aiko Nakagawa moved to NYC from Tokyo in the mid 90’s . She hit the streets of Europe hard and became a founding member of Faile. She also rocked with Murakami prior to his stratospheric rise to fame. Now ,having launched a successful solo career andkilling it with shows in Amsterdam, LA, NYC, Shang Hai and Paris to namedrop a few locales, it’s Lady Aiko’s name that’s ringing bells. Honored to have this girl supporting me at Wynwood. Tokyo/BK represent!” -Terror161 Also Check out the last Graffiti365 Profile on Terrible Tkid170.

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