Graffiti365 Profile: Terrible Tkid170

By - Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

12ozProphet blogger Terror161 recently released a book, Graffiti365, an encyclopedic look at graffiti and street art’s past and present. In anticipation of the Graffiti365 Book Signing event at the Wynwood Walls on Friday, December 2nd he has begun a series of profiles on some of the artists that will be joining him at the event to sign copies of the book. Check out this profile on Terrible Tkid 170. “With the 12oz Fam already in Miami, I thought it’d be nice to give some shine to the peeps who are supporting my event. Batting in the leadoff spot is a cat I’ve known over 30 years and not always on good terms. Peaceful co-existence between us didn’t work out too well during his Vamp Squad period. T.KID 170 had one of the greatest stylistic influences in what graff looked like in the 80’s having executed hundreds of burners on transit. He was one of the first Americans to go rock over in the UK and influenced German and other Euro writers with dope wild styles and funky characters. Personally, I liked his comeback with Boozer on Broadway with the Roger Dean exploding planet backgrounds. A good guy to have on your side and the wrong guy to have beef with or owe money to, T.KID’s rep doesn’t need to be re-hashed here. “His work appears in Graffiti 365 several times , including the pages designated for Alex One of Mac Crew and The Amazing SKE from PR. T.KID 170 will be repping at my Wynwood Walls event and has brought down a treasure trove of canvases and subway maps for collectible purposes.” -Terror161

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