Graffiti Underworld

By - Friday, August 5th, 2011

{image-1} We all know that graffiti writers live life in the fast lane and do much of their work late at night in the darkest, strangest and most dangerous places. During late night bombing missions writers  will often meet the weirdest characters and have the craziest experiences that boarder line the absurd. Before, these stories were only shared amongst a close circle of homies, crew mates, and other affiliated writers. That’s about to change once the new book Graffiti Underworld drops. The general idea behind Graffiti Underworld was to collect the wildest graffiti related stories in the voice of the writers themselves and compile them into a book. Each writer’s section reads as if they were sitting face to face with you telling their tale. These stories are meant to put you into the world of the graffiti writer, crawling through train yards, locked in jail cells, running down fire escapes and other forgotten corners of our cities. Compiled from hours of interviews with some of Graffiti Underworld’s most notorious graffiti writers, this audio disc gives you a chance to hear stories of mayhem and adventure straight from the mouths of the vandals themselves, including material that couldn’t be printed in the book from the likes of: Apes FCR, Asic Etc, Bone TVT, Chek 1, Colt 45, Cope2, Cornbread, Den, Fishe KOG, King 157, Saber MSK AWR, Sake, Teel MUL, and Tork ADM -Text by Ben da boss

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