Graffstar's Interview: Stacs Yo! SCS "The Mayor of Graff"

By - Friday, October 5th, 2012

Not all of you may be familiar with the work of Stacs YO!, at first you may even think of other writers with similar monikers or who came first but what distinguished this man was his drive to go all city in NYC back in 1991-1992. Almost like a Stamp, his one letter Throw up’s appeared anywhere and everywhere this man felt like painting. Known by his close friends and as New York’s Mayor of Graff; Today you can catch him still doing his art thing but not so much as a prolific street bomber. Check out an excerpt from the interview below and read the full post here. HECK: You definitely had a lot of ups back in the day. How often did you bomb? STACS: For a period of like a year from like the end of 1990 till like the end of 1991 I would eat, sleep and shit graff, all the while juggling 2 jobs at the same time at the young age of 17. I mean I would bomb during the day, the night, marker, sticker, paint whatever. HECK: Tell me a story or bombing mission that comes to mind that’s maybe funny or serious. STACS: One night in a major snow blizzard, Jis MC, Soe P2d, Sc KST and Checo MSD and I were on a mission, while going over the Williiamsburg Bridge we loose Checo, so we look back and he’s lying on the ground overlooking the walkways edge, in the snow mind you…… we were like “yo Checo whats up”……..He ‘s like “sssshhhhhh come here”……”There’s this dude blazing this chick in his car on the side of the bridge and we were watching for like 5 minutes strong, so out of no where Checo makes the biggest snowball ever and unloads it on the dudes windshield……Dude jumped up screaming and well maybe conceived a child that evening from the fright….lmfao. Photo: Stacs Yo! Source: Graffstars

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