GREVE Had a Big Year in Chicago

By - Thursday, December 10th, 2015

With a goal of new endeavors and gallery shows in the future, Artist GREVE made it a point to put in work over the past year. Focused on dreams and goals for the new year, murals have been popping up like Christmas on the daily. 

Trains Trains Trains! with a past filled with intensity and drama GREVE has painted trains to be reborn in a new way. Twisting this into a future of gallery work and a newborn career, old works become new. Murals that spin graffiti tagged trains into a melange of themed based work, Wolverine and Terminator just to name a few, POP art and poppin works that make you rethink your career and your entire life. It’s with this new fresh attitude that GREVE stepped up to the plate. 

Passion and fire have motivated this talented artist to kick ass and take names. This year was a big year, if you missed it then it’s a boo-boo on you, but power up cause there is only more to come. What this artist can do with a can of paint will blow your mind and your mom ain’t going to be around to clean it up. Bring your own mop and bucket and gear up for the next one. 2016 will be time to make wine. Squash grapes and juice the losers in the trail. 

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