Gris 1 'Game…' – Gallery at Down in France

By - Friday, January 17th, 2014

Game…, the solo efforts of French graffiti artist, Gris 1, opened earlier this month at Gallery at Down in Montpellier, France. The exhibit, part installation amidst painted canvases and mixed media works features, Let the Colors Shine, created by both Gris 1 and Terez conveys a white washed cityscape, complete with transit, a sense of community and graffiti that is guided by the artists select use of color throughout, complimenting nearby piece, Game. The show is on view now through 1st February, one not to be missed for those who have access. Photography: Gris 1 —————————————————————————————— Hyperactive and constantly creative research , aka Gris 1 is difficult to categorize . Born in the south of France in the 80s , his vocation for art, he found on the banks of the college in 1996. At first , he tried on the walls of highway , armed with spray, incorporating right away that this is not only painting but also a way of life , because of codes and rules dictated by the graffiti . 15 years later , it’s gallons spilled on brick color , blinds, mobile. to form flops, colorful pieces and monumental frescoes on several continents. From festivals to exhibitions , it exports its passion and its name. Its great idea to fund ceasing to dictate actions and concepts , control many tools made ​​him a recognized member of the French and European scene. Graphic designer by training, he pushes the rules and codes of Graffiti by the originality of its parts. If personal identity is built through its productions to typography “Home Made” and recognizable style that combines illustration , throw-up and vector button , his works range from childishness and insight on the world today . Member of Da Mental Vaporz group , he maintains his passion by making huge frescoes and increasingly innovative and fun collective canvases. Since 2005 , members of the Crew have to their credit many creations , whether walls, exhibitions or in-situ facilities and are constantly amazed by the ability they have to mix their personal styles to make a unique collective production ever more surprising. Now resident in Lyon , Gris 1 run several projects , both individual and collective whether gallery or in the street.

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