U.S. Video Premiere: Grizzly Gato – “Wieners”

By - Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Oddy Gato and Grizzly Grimace speak with the coolness of two MCs that know they are better than you. Separately they are each formidable opponents, but together they form Grizzly Gato, a vicious rap group repping the 518 in upstate New York. It’s almost surprising to me that While You Were Sleeping, released July 29th on Sub Bombin’ Records, is this groups first album. The way they are able to bounce off each other and carry themselves recalls a group with a decade of experience.

“Wieners” is the third single off the groups debut album, and follows up “Pork Belly” and “Vs. Donnie Wahlberg” as songs to get the video treatment. While the other two posses the crispness of professional vids, “Wieners” is a more personal and amateur endeavor for the group. Filmed in 24 hours as part of a competition, and edited on iMovie, the video comes across as sort of a silly intimate look into what these MCs are like on the daily. Chillin with their Sega Genesis 3 and slappin’ bones on the table, Grizz and Oddy are just hangin’ out and doin’ them. That’s what hip hop is really about anyways, a truth not lost on these two.

Shout out to Grizzly Gato for reaching out to us to premiere their video in the U.S. We at 12ozProphet are supportive of anyone on their grind doing what they love, and these two MCs obviously have a passion for what they are doing. Make sure to check out the album on their Bandcamp, as well as their other music videos on Youtube. We’ll be keeping our ears open for what’s next from Grizz and Oddy, and encourage you to do the same. 

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