Grotesk x Case Studyo "6ft 6in" Limited Edition Lamp

By - Monday, January 28th, 2013

Designer and 12ozProphet blogger Grotesk has just released a collaboration with Belgium’s Case Studyo, producer of fine artworks, furniture and objects by contemporary artists including ESPO, Todd James, Horphee and Parra. The collaborative work, titled, “6ft 6in,” is inspired by the greatest player to ever step onto the hardwood, Michael Jordan, and definitely one of the coolest and most unique lamps around. The base references the original Nike Air Jordan 1’s, the title, Jordan’s height. And in classic MJ fashion, the lamp is produced in an edition of 23. Grotesk X Case Studyo release “6ft 6in,” a Shining Tribute to The Hardwood Showdowns of Yesteryear. Brooklyn-based graphic artist and illustrator Kimou Meyer, known to most as Grotesk, has long been lauded for both his hip-hop-inflected characters and clever typographical explorations of urban street signage and athletic Americana. His newest project and first venture into the universe of functional art, “6ft 6in”—an ode to the timeless hardwood battles of the 1990s made in partnership with Belgium’s Case Studyo—blends these poles of his talent with veteran fluency. Anyone vaguely familiar with Meyer’s body of work can immediately identify “6ft 6in,” a sculptural lamp sporting string bean legs and blocky sneaker feet, as not only a signature Grotesk output, but also a design incubation decades in the making. In addition to the hall of fame showdowns, Meyer was also obsessed with the financially inaccessible footwear choices of the pros—an early sign of his unique perspective on the complex relationship between sport and commerce. Though never a self-proclaimed ‘sneakerhead,’ it took a 1999 relocation to New York City and a successful transition into commercial artistry for Grotesk to earn his first pair of $150 Nikes, which still occupy a privileged position in his closet and inspiration bank. With a celebrated resume as a publisher and producer of fine artworks, furniture and objects by contemporary artists including ESPO, Todd James and Kevin Lyons, Case Studyo was the perfect partner to bring Grotesk’s brainchild to life. And with a little help from well-wishing friends and colleagues at Nike, Meyer secured the company’s blessing to create a limited edition of handmade Swoosh-adorned lamps, each will be delivered in a special Grotesk-designed wooden case with a numbered card signed by the artist. “6ft6in” 75cm – 30inch high hand painted wood red/white/black comes in an edition of 23 + 4AP screenprinted wood ‘shoe’ box signed and numbered certificate by Grotesk Visit the Case Studyo website.

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