Grrlz Gettin Ova: Abby

By - Monday, July 8th, 2013

Abby is an old-school train-era graffiti artist from Queens, New York. An alumni of the High School of Art and Design in NYC and Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Abby has been an active member of the graffiti art scene and the early Hip Hop movement in New York City since the eighties, and continues to be at the forefront of graffiti art, graphic design, and fine art. Abby’s early work has been featured in canonical graffiti literature such as Spraycan Art and Piecebook Reloaded. Abby is a notorious member of The Cool 5ive (TC-5), and was mentored early on by writers such as Mare139, Seen TC5, Web, and Doc. Her work could be spotted during her early days most often on the A, CC, E, and F lines, as well as the N, FF, 2 and 5 lines. Inspired by other female writers from the train-era (Lady Hart, Chic, SS, and Pink), Abby has surmounted gender obstacles in graffiti subculture to become one of the most skilled graffiti writers of NYC. Abby is the daughter of a sign painter, and has a natural affinity for letters, so it’s no surprise that she thrives as a pivotal figure in the graffiti art scene. Aside from graffiti, though, Abby has worked as a digital artist, designing packaging and promotional materials for such companies as Sega, Safeway Corporate Advertising, Concord Records, World Market, and Smuin Ballet SF. She has exhibited her work at such prestigious shows as Hieroglyphics 3 at the San Francisco African American Art and Culture Complex, Queenz Arrive at McCaig-Welles NYC, and TC5 Revolutions at Crewest LA. Recently, she held an exhibition entitled HomeGirls at the bOb Bar in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, featuring figurative representations of many of the places she has called home (such as Charlotte, Oakland, Paterson, and Queens). Visit Abby’s website to learn more about her history and to see her recent works, or visit her profile page with TC-5. For more about TC-5 visit

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