Grrlz Gettin Ova: Miss 17

By - Monday, July 29th, 2013

Miss 17, “beast from the east,” is a notorious bomber known for getting up just about EVERYWHERE in NYC. She teamed up with Claw in the past to rep the crew PMS, which stands for basically anything from Power Money Sex to Punchin’ Many Suckers, as Claw explains in this interview with Miss 17. PMS is the only crew Miss 17 reps, preferring to get mad ups under the radar and off the grid as she remains super secretive. Because she is such a hardcore bomber, Miss 17 is totally mysterious and private. Luckily, she did agree to appear in the shadows of this interview with Claw for the documentaryInfamy so that her following could get an idea of just how obsessed Miss 17 actually is with graffiti. Seventeen finally comes on the scene at about 6:15. Miss 17 is not only one of the greatest and most infamous female bombers in NYC, she is one of the best bombers period. Not many girls bomb like seventeen, and not many graffiti artists in general have been up as much as she’s been. In one of the comments on the interview with Claw, a viewer said that he “always thought Miss 17 was a guy.” Now, that’s pretty funny considering that she has the word “MISS” right in her name, and she reps the crew PMS, but it just goes to show how hard a lady has to work in the graffiti scene to get as much respect as she deserves while still making her gender obvious to the public. If you can’t get enough of Miss 17, don’t worry: she’s all-city. And if that’s not enough, check out her Flickr Group Pool, where members post pictures of her stuff, or follow her on Facebook.

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