Guest Update: Will Robson-Scott

By - Thursday, August 11th, 2011

New York is a city of extremes in all aspects. People work 17 hour days, juggling day jobs and then shifts in bars that don’t close till the last person has left. The subway never stops, neither do cab drivers when its raining. The summers are unbearably hot and the winters are sub zero, but all this is what makes it special. I think the old saying “if you can make it New York , you can make it anywhere” rings true, and that is what brings so many people from so many backgrounds here. This also rings true with graff ,if you can king New York that’s saying a lot. The photos below are extracts from my travels in NYC while putting together Crack and Shine international. Will Robson-Scott Check out Crack & Shine featuring some of Wills photos. Going from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the one thing I think New Yorkers take for granted are the views , its something that still amazes me. This is in the financial district in freezing winter, there is still a massive gap between the rich and poor in NYC, like most other big city and you sometimes see the gap just by the clothes people wear. Katzs deli on the lower east side a stable of New York pastrami Red Hook Brooklyn, this is still a very industrial, bleak area , feels very removed from the city or other residential areas in BK Downtown Manhattan, Money cant buy taste Coffee makes New York turn, even on the hottest days of the year you see people ramming it down there throat, its like it’s a nervous reaction. Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, sneakers over electric wires is like something out of a Spike Lee film to me, you never see it in London, but is such a common site in New York Uptown , Manhattan. I have never seen a can of Rusto in Europe, this is as American as Baseball

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