Handselecta x Sabe Limited Edition Letraset Print and Baseball

By - Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

6 years ago Handselecta uploaded the first video to their YouTube channel, the New York graffiti writer Sabe KST catching a tag in a blackbook with a brush-pen. This 15-second clip spawned an ongoing series that features many of the best graffiti writers in the game showing how it’s done including SP.One, Espo, Faust, KR, Skuf, and even featuring the late Sure and Stay High 149. Many of these writers created full alphabets that were meticulously transformed into fonts available for purchase on the Handselecta website. A collection of these alphabets is being compiled into the forthcoming book, FLIP THE SCRIPT: A Guidebook for Aspiring Vandals & Typographers, scheduled to hit stores around the Holiday/New Year season. It will chart the development of handstyles by chronology and region including commentary of writers themselves. Leading up to this monumental event, Handselecta will be releasing some collabs and other fun stuff over the next few months. First up to bat is a collaboration between Hanselecta and Sabe KST, whose handstyle alphabet was produced as a Letraset-style sheet of transfer-lettering. This lettering transfer technology was a staple for arts and design professionals for years, but is now extremely rare and much less commonly seen. Simply press and rub to transfer your message and Sabe’s handstyle to (almost) any surface! Handselecta has applied Sabe’s unique style to four baseballs to coincide with the finale of the MLB World Series, pictured in the gallery above. Only 50 of Sabe’s Letraset alphabets were created. One signed and numbered edition by Sabe can be yours FREE, before they are even available for purchase. For your chance to win all you have to do is “Like” Handselecta on facebook where they will randomly select a winner for a Sabeball on Friday, November 9th and a winner of a Letraset Print the following Friday November 16th. Here’s the first video Handselecta posted of Sabe KST in action… And here’s another video from 5 years later…

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