Happy Holidays From The Frozen North

By - Friday, December 25th, 2015

Happy Holidays to you and yours from 12ozProphet.

The continental U.S. is experiencing an odd winter, with abnormally high temperatures sweeping the nation during November and early December, you might not have that white holiday you’ve been looking for.  Although for some of us, it looks like winter may finally be showing its face. Depending on where you’re from, winter may have a different definition. In Minnesota, cold and snow define our lives for damn near half of the year, which can be exhausting.  A lot of people up here choose to sit inside and curse obscenities at the snow and weather (or try to talk to you about it for thirty minutes), the very few others continue on, braving the elements on a daily basis and facing the new and alien landscape a fresh storms worth of snow offers.

The struggle can be very real and have real severe consequences if you aren’t prepared…. Frostbite, hypothermia, disorientation, and dehydration are all serious factors to remember when facing the elements during the winter months.  Imagine walking a line… it’s negative -3 Fahrenheit  with a 25mph wind out of the north east making it feel like -30 to your skin.  Your camera shutter has slowed down to a frame a second, your phone was dead minutes after leaving the car, and any time spent out of glove or mask feels like a brisk kiss of death.  If you’re electronics are failing, you can rest assured that you body will fail within minutes of not keeping in motion. Though this may sound unpleasant, with the proper gear and drive this is an ideal season for photography, painting, and exploring your city.  My favorite experiences with photography and graffiti have been out on live lines, in yards, or buildings as the snow falls at an inch an hour, putting the world on mute making wherever you are that much more intriguing.  Maybe it’s a Midwestern thing to adore the winter months, but it always ends up being a beautiful season, that when utilized correctly, can offer some unreal experiences and opportunities for the everyday lurker.

Enjoy a series of photographs taken out in the arctic tundra of Minnesota under harsh winter circumstances.

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